Tom’s dad and the air ambulance crew landed their helicopter on the school oval.

On the 19th December 2012, an Air Ambulance Helicopter landed on our school oval so we could learn about the services they provide to our community.  Air Ambulance Victoria operates five air ambulance helicopters. These are based at Essendon, Bendigo, the Latrobe Valley and Warrnambool. We were able to go inside the helicopter to see the equipment and the pilot and MICA flight paramedic explained their jobs to us. It was very dramatic and really exciting when the helicopter landed and lifted off… created so much wind that we were nearly blown away!!

We were able to sit in the helicopter to check out the equipment.

Keira enjoyed climbing into the helicopter.

Tom was impressed by all the instruments in the cockpit.

Paul explained about the contents of the first aid kits and how the winch can be used to save people in rather inaccessible locations.


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  1. Hey Louise and 1/2 LG
    I love the art gallery. I think it is fantastic. I love the helicopter from 2012. I think your blog is amazing.

    From Vincent

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