1 / 2LG are currently investigating different types of weather. We noticed  last Friday and Saturday that the weather was hot and sunny with the maximum temperature reaching about 26 Degrees Celsius. Today is Thursday 16th May  (that is one week later) and in Melbourne we have grey skies and a very wet and chilly 12 Degrees Celsius!
We looked through rolled up paper to focus on different cloud formations such as cirrus, cumulus and alto cumulus. We learnt that cirrus clouds contain very little water but cumulonimbus clouds hold much more water and are related to heavy rain and thunder storms. It was great fun.
We found it easier to lie down and relax as we watched the different clouds float by in the breeze. Some of the clouds looked like creatures such as birds or dinosaurs.









2 thoughts on “Whether We Do or Whether We Don’t….it all depends on the WEATHER!

  1. Great stuff 1 / 2LG – a wonderful use of your imaginations to make a ‘dull’ topic ‘bright’. I am sure that you would have loved your “Cloud Watch” – well done and keep up the good work!!

  2. Cloud watching is lots of fun! Did you all have fun pointing out the different shapes that the clouds formed?

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