The 1 / 2 Level travelled to Bundoora today, 5th August 2013, to explore the wetland habitat of indigenous flora and fauna. The area that the La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary now occupies was once inhabited by Aborigines who were aligned to the Kurnaj-berring tribe of the Wurundjeri clan. These wetlands provided a plentiful supply of edible plants, eels, freshwater mussels, fish, snakes and snaked-necked tortoises. From 1835, Europeans began to develop this land using it for farmland, a hospital and recreational facilities. The La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary was set up in 1967 to restore the natural wetland environment which acts as a filtration system for the area.

Stuart was 1 / 2 LG’s guide for the day and we have posted some photos here of us participating in ponding and other activities. You can find more information about the Sanctuary at




















Did you know that the Wetlands can sometimes be dry?


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