Book Week 2016 – Australia: Story Country


Book Week 2014 – Connect to Reading


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Have fun with ‘The Treasure Box’ interactive  jigsaw puzzles on Mrs B’s 2014 Shortlist Activities, in Mrs Mac’s Library site.

We had a fabulous day dressed up as our favourite book characters. Our visiting author, Sofie Laguna, spoke to us about her career as a writer and about how she moved into story writing from acting. Check out Sofie’s website.
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Book Week 2013 – Read Across the Universe

Everyone at Holy Spirit is so excited to be celebrating Book Week from Monday 19th August. We had a great start to the week dressing up as our favourite characters or as Space travellers. Today 1 / 2LG  looked at some links on the internet about the picture book “Peggy” and the author Anna Walker. We had fun completing a 32 piece jigsaw puzzle on the IWB about Peggy blowing in the wind to the City. It took us more than 15 minutes to complete!! Lucky we didn’t choose the puzzles with 70 or more pieces or maybe we would still be going!! After that we each made a Story Wheel about “Peggy”. We are looking forward to reading “It’s A Miroocool” and “Too Many Elephants in this House”.











We brought our own favourite books and pillows to school and spaced out with a book!

We read “It’s a Miroocool” by Christine Harris. We used pastels and water to paint pictures of Audrey’s environment on our folders. Then we filled our folders with lot’s of book responses such as a postcard from Audrey, a portrait of the tooth fairy, a comparison of ourselves and Audrey and a map for the tooth fairy.



We had lots of fun on Monday 20th August when we all dressed up as Champion characters from some of our favourite fiction and non-fiction books. We have been reading lots of books including “A Bus Called Heaven” by Bob Graham and “The Last Viking” by Norman Jorgensen & James Foley. We think that Stella and Josh are champions!

During Book Week we read the picture book “The Last Viking”. We thought it was an exciting story and Josh turned out to be very brave after all. We spent lots of time collaging our Viking long boats like the one Josh made in the story. You can see some of them in our video which retells the story. We are also learning about different countries around the world, particularly The Netherlands. We discovered that Vikings attacked The Netherlands hundreds of years ago.













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