To migrate means to relocate or resettle.
Emigrants leave their homeland to live in another country.
Immigrants have moved to a new country to live permanently.

People from diverse backgrounds have migrated to Australia from many countries for a wide range of reasons. Let’s find out about Australia’s changing population from 40,000 BC through to 1950. Here are some website links to get your research started. Scroll down to 2014 for even more information.

Indigenous Australians

Explorers – Discovering The Great Southern Land / Captain James Cook & the Endeavour Film Clip / Exploring Australia

First Fleet / Convicts / First Fleet Film Clip

Goldrush  / Early Chinese Immigrants / Chinese Migration News Clip

European Settlers  



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Imagine leaving your family and travelling alone to a new country before modern transport and communications!

Can you discover the history of the immigrants in your family?
Which country did they leave behind?
When did they move to a new country?
Why did they leave home?
How did they travel?
Who did they travel with?

Visit My Place to find out about significant people and events in Australia’s history

Learn some information about The First Fleet and our celebration of Australia Day on January 26th each year.

Explore the Story of the P & O Cruise Line

We visited the Melbourne Immigration Museum

Enjoy these wonderful film reels of Marvellous Melbourne around 1910.
There is no audio so you can really focus on seeing all the details of life in Melbourne over 100 years ago.
Notice the horses, carriages, trains and trams and even one or two of the earliest motor cars. Notice the clothing fashions and the many buildings. Which of these buildings can we still see today in the City? What do you think the man hurrying across the road with the scooper might be picking up?

Visit The Immigration Bridge to read about our Australian immigrant stories and adventures.

The Immigration Timeline  provides a brief overview of each decade in Victoria’s immigration history since 1830.

The Gold Rush Immigrants arrived in Australia when hopeful diggers rushed here from all over the world in search of fortune.

Enjoy this film to learn about how Australia became an independent nation on 1 January 1901. The British Parliament passed legislation allowing the six Australian colonies to govern in their own right as part of the Commonwealth of Australia.
The Commonwealth of Australia was established as a constitutional monarchy. ‘Constitutional’ because the Commonwealth of Australia was established with a written constitution, and ‘monarchy’ because Australia’s head of state was Queen Victoria.
Listen carefully to find out who became Australia’s first Prime Minister.

Enjoy this wonderful story told by one brave immigrant family as they share their own story and The Story of Italian Immigration.

The Immigration Museum along with Sovereign Hill and Old Gippstown Heritage Park allow us to step back in time to experience life as it was in Victoria in days gone by.

‘Pack Your Bag’ Immigrant Character Presentations
Thank you to those parents who have helped their children prepare their Immigrant Character presentations. A great deal of effort has obviously been put into each presentation and they have been an absolute pleasure to watch.
Our classroom has looked like Victoria Station with all the suitcases stacked and ready to go.
Congratulations everyone on the great effort and results.

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We all dressed up for an OLDEN DAYS DAY to end our ‘Pack Your Bags’ unit. We learnt old fashioned handwriting and played quoits and marbles. We joined in old time songs  and dances. We read poetry by poets such as Banjo Patterson and C.J. Dennis. It was FUN!!


This Youtube clip shows some fun facts about Australia. Can you make your own Top 10 List of Aussie Favourites?


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