Energy causes things to happen around us. It is the ability to do work. There are different forms of potential and kinetic energy. Read more.


Read about how energy is the capacity to do work or to transfer heat. Check out this science site for ideas on energy.


Visit Tiki’s website to find out about energy and how we can use it responsibly.

Try out some of these experiments on the Energy Quest site. Have fun!

We all planned a design brief to show the procedure involved in using our chosen type of energy. We designed our experiments, drew up the design brief, recorded the process in a procedural report and demonstrated it to the class. It was great fun and so interesting to see and hear about everyone’s ideas.

IMG_2478    IMG_2472

IMG_2474      IMG_2476

***Integrated – En-er-gise
Have some fun experimenting with some electrical components. Predict the outcome of your experiments and then test your predictions to see what really happens. 
Collect some wiring, batteries, small motors and light bulbs etc or any other energy related items. Small pliers are useful. How can you make these work?  
 Jaycar in Ringwood at 94 Maroondah Highway is the perfect place to find components. The “$2 shops” sell small pliers.




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