2016 – Health & Well Being

We can make informed decisions about healthy, active lifestyles based on our knowledge of good diets and sleep patterns, exercise, and the correct understanding and use of pharmaceutical and social drugs.

2015Rights & Responsibilities

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

Everyone has rights and responsibilities. This Behind the News link explains some of the Rights  of Children throughout the world.

Bully Busters visited us to remind us how to engage in assertive behaviours.

As the characters Bully Bobby and Target Terry, the Bully Busters roll played different scenarios of negative behaviours by Bobby towards Terry. We were the Bystanders. We thought about the impact that mean words, actions and looks can have on others. Repeated negative behaviours towards a targeted person is bullying.


Terry felt sick and didn’t want to go to school. His father was concerned when he found out why. He encouraged Terry to talk about it and share his load.


Bobby had a group of friends who made him feel good about his bullying behaviours. Some Bystanders just watched and didn’t interfere or help Terry to deal with the situation. The bully felt empowered.


We learnt that the Target can be assertive by using a firm voice (not yelling) and strong body language such as standing firmly with two feet slightly apart for balance and a straight back with head up. Bystanders can stand up for the Target in a non-confrontational way. They can assertively tell the Bully “Hey, Stop that. Cut it out.” Or they might go to the Target to see if he is OK. They could give moral support by going with the Target to tell a teacher. Name it! Naming it is not dobbing. Naming it is telling of something more serious that you have witnessed that you are concerned about.


3 thoughts on “Positive Communities: Health & Well Being / Rights & Responsibilities

  1. I LOVED Bully Busters, Louise and Gracie. It was so funny and fun. It’s my fave.

  2. Thanks for teaching me about anti-bullying, Louise and Gracie. It was such fun. You have been awesome teachers.

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