We are investigating the structure and features of different species of the animal kingdom. We are exploring the many factors which impact their adaptation and survival within their environments.

Click this link and think about All The Creatures Great and Small that are cared for by the RSPCA. Why do you think we need an organisation like the RSPCA?

We can show our appreciation for all living things by caring for them in every way possible. You can give thanks for God’s creatures as you Sing A Long to All Things Bright and Beautiful.

We began our study with a visit from Wild Action Zoo. The keepers allowed us to get up close and personal with a number of different species of Australian animals.

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Below are  major groups of animals. The animals in each group have some features in common:
A. Vertebrates
1. Mammals – Warm Blooded

2. Birds – Warm Blooded
3. Fish – Cold Blooded
4. Reptiles – Cold Blooded
5. Amphibians – Cold Blooded

B. Invertebrates.




Danielle is a taxonomist. A taxonomist is a biologist that groups organisms into categories. She presented our incursion where we were the Taxonomists in Training. After an interesting discussion with Danielle, we moved in pairs to the tables. We used a Branching Key to classify a number of cold-blooded and warm-blooded vertebrates and invertebrates. We simply selected each creature and then moved through the branching key answering ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to each question. Each branch resulted in identifying the classification of each creature.

At the end of the session Danielle demonstrated a fun way to learn more about classification of living creatures where you can Build Your Wild Self on the New York Zoos and Aquarium website.


Just for fun click these links for some lighthearted songs about some of our Aussie animals: Don’t Ever Step on a Snake,  Please Don’t Call Me A Koala Bear



7 thoughts on “All Creatures Great and Small

  1. I loved the sugar gliders the best!!!
    They were so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How do you tell the difference between the owl and the other type of owl ??
    (I’ve forgotten what it was called!!!)

    • The Tawny Frogmouth is not an owl, Nikki. Its feet are weak and it catches its food with its strong large mouth. The Southern Boobook is the smallest owl in Australia and catches its prey with its strong talons.

  3. i didn’t know that the boobok owl was the smallest owl in Australia

  4. I thought the snakes would be scary but they actually were not that scary they were really cool. I was actually scared of the goanna though because Emma said it can run fast which meant it could run 4 me

  5. I ❤️ed the animals coming in, I never knew that the frog changes colour!

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