2017 Guided Meditation

We worked in groups to read and interpret The Parables. Each group prepared and presented a meditation session to share with the class and guide them through their chosen parable. After each meditation session we reflected upon each parable and its meaning and made links to our own lives


Group Guided Meditation

We worked in small groups to select a scripture passage from the Bible. We reworded the passage slightly so we could walk the class members through the story in a Guided Meditation Session. Each group lead their own session. The members of each group took on different roles, bringing prayer cloths, candles and other suitable items for their presentation. We each read different parts of our scripture passages.

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34LG aspire to be Good Neighbours

Jesus told the story of the Good Neighbour. The people of Samaria were regarded as enemies by the people of Israel. However, when the Israelite was injured by people he thought were his neighbours, only the Samaritan stopped to help him. Even the Priest and the Levite passed him by. Jesus asks us to be Good Neighbours to everyone, not just our friends and family.

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The Ripple Effect

Thoughts and actions are like stones dropped in a river.
The pond is the World,
Your heart is the pebble.
Your heart sends out a ripple & the ripple grows, spreading from heart to heart.

3.4LG are bucket fillers


3.4LG students strive to be bucket fillers. You can be a bucket filler too:

Here are some great ideas for filling buckets.


Remember, no bucket dipping.

The Easter Story

Can you find the Bible references to match The Easter StoryWhat did Jesus’ sacrifice for us involve? How might Jesus have felt at the different stages of the Easter Story?

Crazy Hair Day 2014


We traded lots of gifts for the St Vinnie’s basket today in return for wearing Crazy Hair to school. There were definitely some interesting hair colours and styles in our group. We are happy that we were able to overflow our basket with goodies and we hope this helps to bring some Christmas cheer to lots of people. 

Guided Meditation

Each morning we share in Prayer and Meditation as a whole school. The 3 / 4 classes have also been joining in Guided Meditation sessions in their own class groups.

Recently, we broke into 6 groups and created our own Guided Meditations which we presented to our class. Each member of the groups chose a role such as writing the introduction, finding and adapting the Bible story, preparing the Prayer cloth and choosing appropriate music.

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We all sat reverently with our eyes closed as each presenter took us to a special place where we walked with Jesus. We then reflected on each experience and followed up by drawing a picture of our own interpretation of our chosen Meditation. We all felt calm and relaxed after meditating.



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