Try out these websites for some Maths fun and skills development.


Fraction Fun


More Maths!

Click on this next link to practise Finding the Difference between two numbers.

…..and for some more fun…. try Top Marks! You may test your Multiplication and Division or choose your own category.

Estimate and calculate the Area of different surfaces with
Area Builder.

Place Value

Click here to see an easy way learn about Place Value


Can you show your multiplication facts as arrays?
Here is a great Youtube link explaining this for you.


Do you know the compass points: North, South, East, West? Do you know directions to the left or right and positions such as over, under, above?
Have fun on these websites practising your map reading skills.


Money, Money, Money

We each brought $10.00 in Australian coins to school.
We can identify each coin’s value from the 5 cent coin to the 2 dollar coin. We also recognised the Australian native animals on each coin such as the echidna on the 5 cent piece. Abbey brought a very special 5 dollar coin to show us.

We have been using different counting patterns such as 2’s, 5’s, 10’s or 20’s to count our money.

Test your money calculating skills. Click!

We like making number stories about what we might buy with our money. Then we add up the total that we would spend for that equation. We record these in our Maths books.

Telling the Time

Can you tell the time on an analogue clock? Can you match time from analogue clocks to digital clocks? Have a practice at using the hour and minute hands on this interactive clock. 

Check out this website and chose some Time Games to play to improve your skills.

Fractions and Decimals

Apply your strategies when using fractions to improve your skills and scores on this Visual Fractions games website.

 Find more Fraction Challenges at Top Marks. More Top Marks Fractions here.

Read some clear definitions to help you understand about Decimal Numbers.

Practise ordering Decimal Numbers. Start with some easier examples and see how high you can go. Lots of practice will help your success rate.

Heres a challenge: Convert some Fractions to Decimals.

2D and 3D shapes.

We got to know a lot about polygons.
Did you know that polygons are 2D shapes that have one face and 3 or more straight sides which are enclosed?? Triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons, nonagons and  decagons are all polygons! Polygons can be regular or irregular in shape.

photo 3                       photo 5

We have had great fun playing around & constructing shapes with icy-pole sticks & blu-tac, paper, unicubes and the Geoshapes.
There was so much to discover about shapes. We felt like detectives! We began to distinguish between Right Angles, Acute Angles and Obtuse Angles. Then we discovered that we can measure angles in degrees!!

photo 4            photo 2

We have used the internet to investigate different shapes including their names and qualities.
Here is one of the links showing geometric shapes:

We identified the geometric shapes of different everyday objects around our environments.
Click this link to read more about the properties of different shapes:
Drawing 3D shapes in Maths & Art takes a bit of practice! We are beginning to get the hang of it at last!

Playing With Data

Our class had fun listing and tallying up our favourite holiday activities.

Then we each drew our favourite one and pasted them to make a pictograph. We could easily see which were the most popular and the least popular activities. We could also find the differences in popularity. For example, 5 more students preferred water play to snow play.

The next day we transferred the data to build column graphs with Unicubes.  We then recorded these onto our paper charts, labelling the information.

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  1. The fractions and decimal song is so funny and really helps me learn my facts!

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