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Read the lyrics and sing along with Robert Brown’s ‘Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees’.

Visiting Authors:
Today we enjoyed an informative visit from the author,
Gabrielle Wang. Our grade is currently reading her series of novels ‘Our Australian Girl – Poppy’. Gabrielle  was such an interesting speaker. Gabrielle explained about how she uses real life experiences and mixes them with historical facts and fictitious characters to write her books. Gabrielle loves drawing and adds sketches to some of her novels. She demonstrated to us how to draw the character Peng step by step so that we could draw along with her. 

The author, Sophie Laguna also visited us to share her experience of moving from acting to writing. We have been enjoying her  ‘Our Australian Girl’ series – Meet Grace, A Friend for Grace, Grace and Glory, and the 4th book, A Home for Grace.

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  1. The Bucket Filler book is a very good book and teaches children about kindness and love. Thank for reading it to us.

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