Homework – Term  1

(30 uninterrupted minutes per night -)

Plan your own homework across Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
FEEL FREE to hand your homework in early if you finish it before Thursday night.

Please shade each box when completed
Remember: Take care with homework presentation. Rule margins and use neat handwriting.
Ask your parents to sign written homework.
Grades 3 & 4: 
TOPIC: How Do We Live God’s Message of Love in Our Community?
Grades 3 & 4:
Maths Revision
Place Value
Have a member of your family test you on your words each night.

Recount Writing
Descriptive Language

Read your novel each night.  Make sure you clarify any words or sentences you don’t understand and ask questions about events or characters in the story.  Make sure you ask an adult to help you.
Summarize one chapter that you read. Main ideas only.
Please get an adult to sign your diary or homework book after you have read each night.
Studyladder (Extra activities optional – Choose your personal areas of need)
Maths: : Work through some of the activities in Place Value. 
Personal Learning
Work towards being a STAR and achieving your SMART goals. Be a ‘Bucket Filler’. Think about which Dojo goals you are aiming for.
Integrated Studies
Topic: Rights and Responsibilities
Check out our information on this 3/4LG Blog.


9 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Thank you for putting our homework on the blog. It sure makes it easier on Mondays. I’ve loved the ‘Pack Your Bags’ topic. I am also quite exited about our new topic energy ;]

  2. I love the way you put HOMEWORK on the blog.It makes it a lot easier if we lose our homework or don’t collect it 😀 :] :}

    from Zoe

  3. It’s handy how you put homework on the blog during the weekend so I might start now !

  4. I love the way you put the homework on the blog for us it makes it a lot easier for the homework on the blog
    From Lachlan

  5. I am going to miss everyone in my class ! We have all had a great year together and made lasting memories. Thanks to everyone for making this year a great one.

    From Chloe

  6. It’s great how you put homework on the blog and great work 3/4LG love it!

    From Saray

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